Dunk the Dean – Oct 16

October 16 is your chance to DUNK THE DEAN.

In support of the University of Victoria United Way Campaign, the Law Students’ Society will be hosting a dunk tank at the Petch Fountain between 11:30am – 2:30 pm.

Dean Jeremy Webber will sit ready to be dunked. Additionally, LSS executive members and Law Faculty volunteers will be tempting targets for the day.

All proceeds will be donated to the United Way Campaign.


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Volunteer Opportunities

Hey everyone,

The LSS has a couple volunteer opportunities to pass along to all you lovely folks. Check out the information below!

  1. The MyUVic Life Blog is looking for new bloggers to join the fantastic student team. Julie Sloan, our communications officer, would love to have a law student join the team.Interested students should contact Julie at lawcomm@uvic.ca.
  2. The Justice Education Centre is looking for volunteers for their Law Courts Education Program and for their High School Mock Trial.The Law Courts Education Program provides teachers and students to the law courts to experience court in action and also the opportunity to meet with judges, lawyers and other court personal. Volunteers are invited to take part in our program as volunteer presenters/facilitators for the different school and community groups that book visits to the law courts. It’s an opportunity to share your legal knowledge and thoughts with kids from 12 to 18. This program runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.The High School Mock Trial is a part of Law Day, and allows high school students to compete in a mock trial. In preparation, the Justice Education Centre will hold workshops over the coming months for students and teachers who want to participate in mock trials at their schools and compete in high school mock trial competitions. Volunteers would help facilitate the workshops, and would have the opportunity to work alongside VBA lawyers also assisting students in preparing.

    Interested students should contact Peter Forster at peter.forster@justiceeduction.ca. Preference for upper year volunteers.



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Diversity Access Grants

The Law Foundation of B.C. Diversity Access Grant is available to law students to promote more equitable access to legal education and alleviate economic disadvantage. It is available to help meet the extraordinary needs or expenses of law student in financial need, and in particular those students in the following categories:

  • Students with physical, mental, or learning disabilities
  • Indigenous students
  • Students with family care responsibilities
  • Students from a disadvantaged socio-economic background

These grants are separate from and supplementary to the Faculty’s Bursary Program. Amounts awarded will be paid directly to the recipient.

Basically, in order to receive a grant you need to show that you belong to one of the above groups and that you have a need. What constitutes a need will be determined on a case-by-case basis. In the past, grants have been awarded to cover

  • Travel for a family emergency/responsibility
  • Travel to attend a cultural obligation
  • Medical care that is not covered by an insurance program
  • Expenses incurred to enable participation in law school activities, including child care and note-taking expenses

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please email Jennifer Ambers, at lawfao@uvic.ca.




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Upcoming Equity Forum

A note from Tim Richards (Chair, on behalf of the Equity & Diversity Committee):

“Our annual Fall Equity Forum will be held on Monday, October 5th, from 12:00-1:20 p.m. in Room 157.

It is a gathering of students, staff and faculty of our law school community, and is organized and facilitated by the Equity and Diversity Committee.  Its purpose is to provide a forum in which individuals and groups can raise and discuss equity issues or concerns related to their experience in our School, to our School environment, or any other equity and diversity concerns.  The goal of the meeting is to advance the equity values and practices within our community.”



Hope to see you there!


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Fall 2015 Election Results

Here are the results of the Fall Election. A huge thank you to all the people who volunteered and voted!

New LSS Members

  • Jim Wu (VP Communications, split slate)
  • Caitlin Ehman (Equity & Diversity Rep, split slate)
  • Hiram Ng (Health & Wellness Rep)
  • Michaela Merryfield (1L Rep)
  • Thomas Labourcan-Avirom (1L Rep)

New Faculty Committee Members

  • Gurleen Randhawa (Admissions Committee)
  • Maggie House (Admissions Committee)
  • Joelle Karras (Financial Aid, 2L)
  • Megan Chambers (Financial Aid, 1L)
  • Will McClary (Faculty Council)
  • Radu Popescu (Curriculum Committee, 2L)
  • Chris Van Berkum (Curriculum Committee, 1L)
  • Jennifer Lee (Equity & Diversity Committee)
  • Lauren Coady (Library Committee)

Detailed election results can been viewed by signing into webvote.uvic.ca with your netlink ID


All the best,


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