Legal Who Information Form

“Dear students, the Legal Who is a booklet created every year that has the names and contact info of each UVic law student and the faculty. It is free for every student to pick up later in the year, and includes club contact information as well as information for each UVic LSS member. Please fill in your relevant contact information to the form below by November 30, 2014. Only names and year of law school are required, however please do include your email and phone number if you are willing as this will make the Legal Who more effective for everyone involved. Thank you.”

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Movember Competition

UVic has been challenged by the other British Columbia Law Schools to raise funds for prostate cancer. Donations help improve the lives of men by going towards prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues. This year, 3L John Bullock is spearheading our efforts. You can find the donation page here! Although there is a “competition”, remember that everyone wins when health issues are addressed. I look forward to the mo’s on campus this month!

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Committees and Budget Information

Hey Everyone,

Two announcements this morning:

First, we have three new appointments to faculty committees.

  1. Michael Adams will serve as 2L Rep on the Financial Aid Committee
  2. Diana Pogorski will serve as Upper Year Rep on the Student Exchange Committee
  3. Niles Bond will serve as 1L Rep on the Faculty Committee

Second, the LSS Executive has unanimously passed the budget (lss-budget-2014-2015-final). The budget does not anticipate a deficit. Student involvement in the LSS is essential to a healthy democracy. Please feel welcome to provide any feedback in relation to the budget or the LSS as a whole. Remember that all students are welcome to our weekly Tuesday executive meetings in room 205 during lunch.

Remember that the APPEAL Halloween tickets will be on sale at lunch until Thursday. Ticket sales support our law journal.

Its important to eat healthy and exercise. Law school is demanding but it can never take the place of a balanced lifestyle. Get outside and ensure you’re happy!

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Election Results and Positions

Here are the results of the Fall LSS Election:

Curriculum Committee 1st Year Rep – Kirsty Broadhead
Equity and Diversity Committee 1st Year Rep – Emily MacKinnon
LSS 1st Year Rep – Niles Bond
LSS 1st Year Rep – Janessa Mason
Financial Aid Committee 1st Year Rep – Joelle Karras
Financial Aid Committee 2nd Year Rep – Jenson Leung [Resigned]
Exchange Committee Upper Year Rep – Jenson Leung [Resigned]
Equity and Diversity Upper Year Rep – Ryan Solcz
Pedagogy Committee 3rd Year Rep – Katie Peardon

CBA Referendum: Passed
There are still 3 Positions that are in need of representation:

  1. Financial Aid Committee 2nd Year Rep
  2. Exchange Committee Upper Year Rep
  3. Faculty Committee 1st Year Rep

Nomination forms will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the lounge until 9:00 am October 29.

Thanks to all the candidates who volunteered to make the school a better place!

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Referendum Update

Hello Everyone,

The CBA has withdrawn as an Intervenor in the SCC case of Chevron v. Yaiguaje.

“CBA’s Intervention Policy requires the Legislation and Law Reform Committee sanction the factum before it can be filed with the Court.  In this case, the Committee concluded that while the factum was well-drafted and of a high standard of quality, it did not meet the specific requirements of CBA’s Intervention Policy. Consequently, under the terms of the Intervention Policy, the CBA came to the conclusion that without the certification of the factum, the Intervention could not move forward and would be withdrawn.”

The LSS is currently holding a referendum on whether to send a letter opposing intervention in the case.

“Are you in favour of the UVic LSS Executive, on behalf of undergraduate law students at the University of Victoria, writing and submitting to the Canadian Bar Association a letter reflecting points which oppose its intervention in the Chevron Canada, et al. v. Yalguaje, et al. case before the Supreme Court of Canada?”

Many students are curious whether the referendum will still be voted on. The answer is yes. Should the referendum pass, a letter will still be sent, opposing the intervention just the same. The LSS Executive took a position opposing the process taken by the CBA before the L&LRC refused to sanction the factum.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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