3L Reps

James Allester 

Greetings fellow Fraserites,

My name is James; but many of you may know me as Jamie, Jim, Jimbo, or Jamil. I have planned many-a successful shindigs in the past both on my own time and by virtue of my participation in student leadership roles. Given the opportunity, I promise to deliver the same caliber of jovial and inclusive events next year. It’s been a fun couple of years with all you fine future lawyers, and I’d like to send us off into the real world in style.

J Allester


Maleika Jeewanjee

Hi all, 

Hailing from Ontario, I’ve been progressively moving westward and am happy to find myself here at UVic. I love sunshine, useless trivia, and good pastries. I’m excited to be your 3L representative and will always be around for a coffee or a chat!