2L Career Options Rep

Julia Genovese

Hello Friends! My name is Julia Genovese, and I am pleased to be your Career Options representative for the 2018-2019 academic year! I grew up in Hespeler, Ontario and graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy in 2014. My employment history is diverse to say the least, I have experience building vehicles in a Lexus manufacturing plant, managing retail sales teams, and conducting reintegration programs within a youth corrections facility. Whenever I have some spare time I can be found spending time with my cats, or skydiving at the local drop zone. The events organized by last year’s Career Options Rep and the “Job Squad” really opened my eyes to the range of career opportunities available to us once we have completed our JD. I look forward to providing you with the same exposure and can’t wait to introduce some new events to the role.Please do not hesitate to approach me in the halls of Fraser, or reach out via email. I can be
reached at career.uviclss@gmail.com.