Sean Tamboline


I was born and raised in Victoria and my immediate family all live in North Saanich. After several years of on-and-off post-secondary, I completed a Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Camosun College, specializing in Human Resources and Leadership. Following a realization that business may not be my calling, I wrote the LSAT and applied to law school on the advice of a good friend. I certainly could not have imagined then that my journey would take me to being president of the LSS!

Before starting school at UVIC I had never really been involved in extra curriculars. That quickly changed in my first year getting involved in intramural softball, Slaughter Cup rugby and attending every lunch-time event that I could. In second year I served as a co-slate in the Sports and Clubs Representative position. I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the other executive members and serving the interests of the law student body. My goal as LSS president is to ensure students’ views are being represented and to advocate for causes that the student body is passionate about.

Outside of law school I enjoy travelling, sports, video games, cats, and lazing around the beach. I’m a fantasy football ringer and legend-ranked Hearthstone player. My wife and I have two giant fluffy cats that are essentially our babies.

If you are an incoming or prospective student, I sincerely look forward to meeting you! My time at UVIC law has been life-changing. I’ve faced some of my toughest challenges, achieved some of my greatest accomplishments, and met some of my best friends in the last two years. I sincerely hope I can help you have as positive of an experience as I have been afforded.

Please always feel free to contact me in the halls or by e-mail with any questions, comments, concerns, or anything else you would like to talk to me about! I’m a very social person and enjoy being stopped in the halls for a quick conversation. Best regards!


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