Committees and Budget Information

Hey Everyone,

Two announcements this morning:

First, we have three new appointments to faculty committees.

  1. Michael Adams will serve as 2L Rep on the Financial Aid Committee
  2. Diana Pogorski will serve as Upper Year Rep on the Student Exchange Committee
  3. Niles Bond will serve as 1L Rep on the Faculty Committee

Second, the LSS Executive has unanimously passed the budget (lss-budget-2014-2015-final). The budget does not anticipate a deficit. Student involvement in the LSS is essential to a healthy democracy. Please feel welcome to provide any feedback in relation to the budget or the LSS as a whole. Remember that all students are welcome to our weekly Tuesday executive meetings in room 205 during lunch.

Remember that the APPEAL Halloween tickets will be on sale at lunch until Thursday. Ticket sales support our law journal.

Its important to eat healthy and exercise. Law school is demanding but it can never take the place of a balanced lifestyle. Get outside and ensure you’re happy!

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