From Us to You.

Some of you will already have heard this message, but for those who missed it or those who could use the support of this letter as we move towards our last round of exams, here is a little something special from the 2Ls.


This is a bear hug of a congratulation letter from all of us to all of you.  To everyone of you who acted as a Law Buddy, or who played a part in the Amicus Peer Review Roadshow, or who brought home-made food and a smile to the 1L potluck; to all of you who understood and conveyed the beauty of help-not-hurt before we knew what it even meant; to all of you who have sat on a lunch time panel about what took to succeed at the OCIs or what takes to persevere after not succeeding during OCIs; or who spoke about clerking, or about the pursuit of articles, or the peculiarities of the government interview process; to all of you who have been our partners for group projects or teammates on intramural efforts, who have collaborated with us in law club activities or dance club activities, who have raised a glass to toast our success or been there to help drown our sorrows after moots or interviews or final exams;  and to all who have served on the LSS, clubs and committees, who have offered up your advice, humour and perspectives,  WE THANK YOU…  We admire you and appreciate you. We will continue to watch your efforts, one year ahead of us on the career road, and no doubt we will continue to pester you for insight and the inside track on articles and employers.  May you all enjoy the sweetest of success, however you choose to define it.
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