Incoming Students: Sign up for the Law Buddies program!

Hello all incoming 1L and upper year students, Congratulations on choosing to attend a fantastic law school! We are so excited to meet you all. No doubt you’re an absolute beauty and delightful to be around – the good news for you is that the upper years are too! And we want to help you hit the ground running by introducing you to them through our Law Buddy program.

The idea behind the program is to pair an upper year student with each incoming first-year, transfer, visiting or exchange student. That way each of you will have someone that can answer all your questions and act as a mentor or guide as you navigate the transition into life at UVic law. In order to pair you with a particularly chill law buddy, we need to know a little more about you.

To sign up, please fill out this short survey before Friday, July 20th:

Law Buddies – First Year/Transfers/Exchange & Visiting Students