LSS Clubs

Clubs Day is held at lunch during the second week of the fall semester, where students have the opportunity to sign up for any number of clubs created and ran by fellow UVic Law students. This year, Clubs Days are being held on September 14 and 15 at 12:30 – 1:30 PM in the Student Lounge.

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Club Directory

Animal Justice Club

Animal Justice’s mandate is to raise awareness about the field of animal law and to enhance legal protections for animals in Canada through education, advocacy and activism.

  • Co-Presidents: Tracy Tall and Caileigh Franco
  • Vice-President: Rachel De Graaf
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Animal Justice – UVic Law 

Appeal Law Review

Appeal Publishing Society, led by a group of upper-year students and with contributions from across the Faculty of Law’s student body, oversees the publication of the school’s student-run law journal and the production of the Stare Indecisis podcast. The Society is committed to showcasing primarily student work and aims to publish articles, case commentaries and book reviews, as well as podcast content, that offers insightful commentary on Canadian and comparative law. The Society also hosts review sessions and events open to the entire student body.

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

The University of Victoria Black Law Student Association chapter has a goal of establishing a community of Black law students, and working towards increased diversity in law schools and combatting anti-black racism.

Business Law Association (BLA)

The BLA provides a forum for law students to explore interesting areas and opportunities in Business Law and connect students with Business Law firms and showcase some of the areas of law that they operate in.

Canadian Association for Refugee Lawyers (CARL)

The UVic Law Student Chapter of CARL aims to increase awareness of pressing issues in Refugee Law, engage students in advocacy and research projects with CARL, and expose students to the career area of Refugee Law. 

Coalition for Indigenous Perspectives on Animals and Plants

The objective of this coalition is to create space for meaningful dialogue that opens up the floor to Indigenous perspectives respecting animals and plants. Members of the coalition have been involved with a mixture of Indigenous law and may include: the Environmental Law Club, the Animal Justice Club, the Indigenous Law Students Association, and the Animals in Society Research Initiative. We hope to contribute to the law school by hosting Indigenous and Ally speakers and volunteering directly for communities on issues that affect animals and plants. 

Criminal Law Club

Fostering interest in criminal law practice by organizing educational and experiential opportunities for students.

Environmental Law Club

To promote awareness of environmental sustainability and conservation issues to the student body and general public through organizing events, publishing newsletters, hosting discussions/workshops and attending conferences.


FemLaw is a community of law students who strive towards substantive equality by using an intersectional feminist lens. We recognize the impact of societal discrimination on self-identified women and people experiencing gender-based discrimination. In addition to providing a safe and supportive space where members can engage in dialogue, FemLaw hosts feminism-oriented events, advocates against inequity and engages in outreach. Some of our successful recurring events include our contribution to the national Law Needs Feminism Because campaign and the Women in Law Panel.

  • Executive: Simrun Dhaliwal, Amanda Scorda & Emma McCann
  • Email:
  • Website: UVic FemLaw

First Generation Network (FGN)

The First Generation Network seeks to reduce barriers for law students who are first in their family to attend post-secondary. Last year was the first year UVic had a chapter, and this year we will be working to promote the club and host more events aimed at first-generation students but also opportunities which benefit everyone at UVic Law.

Law Students for Harm Reduction and Decriminalization (HARD Law)

We are a new club dedicated to building community, filling gaps in our education and helping build more caring and equitable systems, institutions, laws and policies for people who use drugs and the communities around them. Toxic drug supply is killing people every day, and we believe the safe supply and freedom from fear of incarceration are crucial elements in addressing the overdose crisis. This is just one of the many ways that members of our UVic Law Community can address the suffering caused by harmful drug policy. So here we are — HARD.

  • Co-Presidents: Hilary Mutch and Katie Curry
  • Email:
  • Instagram: h.a.r.d.l.a.w

Intellectual Property/Information Technology Club (IPIT)

The Intellectual Property Law Club (IPIT) aims to keep the Faculty and student body up to date on the ever-changing world of intellectual property law and show how technology can change the practice and tackle access to justice issues.

  • Co-Presidents: Vivian Esmailzadeh and Desi Davies
  • Email:

Labour Law Club

The club’s mandate is to promote interest in labour law, as a subject of study, discussion and practice. We aim to hold member meetings to discuss issues in labour law and obstacles facing the labour movement, and host labour lawyers, activists and organizers for talks and discussions open to the whole school. We also aim to organize a tour of labour law (and related practices) firm/organizations in Vancouver to facilitate UVic Students’ connections to this practice.

Level Justice

Level is a Canadian charitable organization that levels barriers to justice by disrupting prejudice, building empathy and advancing human rights. Level’s Campus Chapter Program motivates tomorrow’s lawyers, leaders and change-makers to champion social justice causes and make positive contributions to their communities. Focused on an annual theme, students across the country organize community events, inform their peers, and host conferences. 

  • President: Sukhreet Nagra
  • Email:
  • Website:


OUTLaws is a club for LGBTQA students in Canadian law schools. We organize on-campus events and advocate for queer legal issues.

Pan-Asian Law Society (PALS)

PALS aims to educate members about legal, business, and socio-political issues in Asia, and provide social legal forums in which students and lawyers with similar interests can interact, network, and seek mentoring. It also seeks to raise awareness surrounding the issues facing lawyers and law students currently practicing or studying law in BC in relation to that area of the world. Members will also be informed of career paths and opportunities, both for those wishing to work in Asia and those seeking opportunities in Canada. The club is open to members of all backgrounds.

Philosophy of Law Club

The Philosophy of Law Club is an inclusive space to engage with topics that intersect the studies of philosophy and law.

  • Email:

Racialized Law Students Collective

The Racialized Law Students Collective’s mandate is to create a space for racialized law students to come together and address/discuss issues they face and celebrate diversity and promote inclusion using anti-racist and anti-oppressive approaches. 

The Runnymede Society – UVic Student Chapter

The Runnymede Society is an initiative of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, a non-partisan think-tank focused on advancing the constitutional interests of all Canadians. The Runnymede Society is in essence CCF’s project to engage with current law students in developing original thinking and enabling open debates on contemporary issues of constitutional law such as the Charter, civil liberties, and the rule of law, etc.

South Asian Law Student’s Association (SALSA)

SALSA Aims to provide a space for South Asian students to discuss their unique experiences navigating law while providing professional and social opportunities, such as cultural events and connecting with the South Asian Bar Association.

  • Presidents: Aman Kular and Baneet Hans
  • Vice-President: Sukhreet Nagra
  • Email:

Sports and Entertainment Law Students Association (SELSA)

SELSA aims to supplement the Faculty’s education on the sports and entertainment legal fields and inform the student body of possible career paths in each field.

  • President: Sajan Atwal
  • Vice-President: Jaxson Creasey
  • Email:

UVic Law and Political Economy (LPE) Society

Law and Political Economy (LPE) is an emerging movement in the legal academia. Initially launched in Yale Law School in 2019, the project has been quickly spreading to elite American law schools and gaining wide recognition. LPE scrutinizes the relationship between law and capitalism; it engages in systematic critiques of both Neoliberalism in general and its hegemonic offshoot — “Law and Economics” — in the legal field. Above all, LPE advocates for an alternative interdisciplinary approach to law by using tools from social theory, political philosophy and critical political economy to shatter the self-obssession of both doctrinal legal analysis and doctrinal economic analysis of law. This student club seeks to introduce LPE to UVic law students and establish the first Canadian base of the movement.

Uvic Law In Vino Veritas

The UVic Chapter of In Vino Veritas is a club dedicated to learning about and enjoying wine. We will meet biweekly for wine socials (in-person or virtually depending on health protocols) where we can share and discuss some of our favourite bottles of old grape juice, the law, and everything in between! Don’t drink or like wine? That’s okay too; drinking and enjoying wine are not prerequisites to this club as it is primarily an opportunity for students to engage with one another outside of the classroom in a non-law environment. Some of the potential activities and learning experiences the group has proposed include at-home tastings, winery field trips, a paint night and a scenic wine tasting boat cruise.

Uvic Law Rugby Club

The UVic Law Rugby Club’s chief responsibility is to uphold the 34-year tradition of playing a friendly, collegial match against the UBC law school. In this pursuit it provides an incredible opportunity for team-building, camaraderie and physical activity to UVic law students through games and other events.

UVic Law Wellness Club

The Wellness Clubs hosts events for the Faculty of Law addressing mental health in academic and the legal profession, as well as preventative-wellness concepts and events.