The LSS administers student locker allocation in the Fraser Building. All law students are welcome to register a locker.

The price is:

  • $20 per locker for a full year (September-August); or
  • $10 per locker per semester if the student is either:
    • a Co-Op student;
    • in an exchange program the following semester;
    • graduating that semester.

A few notes:

  • You provide your own lock (any lockers left unlocked will be available to others to register),
  • You must not store dangerous or illegal items in your locker,
  • You must not allow perishable food stored in your locker to rot,
  • You must register your locker prior to the specified date.
  • The LSS takes no responsibility for the security of items stored in the student lockers.

Your lock may be cut without warning if any of the requirements are not met, or if your locker has not been registered by the specified date.