Student Consultation Survey

LSS COVID-19 Consultation Results:

Thank you to all of those who took the time to submit a response to the LSS COVID-19 Consultation Survey; an impressive total of 213 responses were received. The results of the Consultation Survey and the additional notes for Administration that were collected were relayed by the LSS to the Faculty of Law on March 24.

Demographics of Respondents:

Year & Degree: Percentage of Results:
1L J.D. 37.1%
1L J.I.D. 4.2%
2L J.D. 21.1%
2L J.I.D. 2.5%
3L 34.7%



Grading Schemes: Percentage of Results:
Mandatory Pass/Fail 49%
Optional Pass/Fail 38.6%
Current Grading 12.4%


A fourth “help-not-hurt” Grading Scheme was also suggested by Survey respondents and was communicated to the Faculty of Law. Those who suggested this option were primarily members of the 1L class, who — under UVic Law’s typical grading scheme — are required to write 30% help-not-hurt midterms.