Note Sharing

LSS Note Sharing

The LSS facilitates a note-sharing program for most courses, made possible by student volunteers. This is a separate service from those offered through the law school front office and the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL).
Want to be a Notetaker? Download the LSS Note Sharing Guide.
If you are registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) and your accommodation includes the provision of class notes you may be eligible to access the University of Victoria’s Full-Serve Notetaking Program. For more information stop by the law school front office to speak to Cheryl Lawrence or Yvonne Lawson.

2018 Fall – First-year courses

100 A01 ConstitutionalChan
100 A02 ConstitutionalCochran
100 I A01 Transsystemic ConstitutionalBorrows
102 A01 CriminalFerguson
102 A02 CriminalKiyani
102 A03 CriminalTollefsonNotes by Selina
102 I A01 Transsystemic Criminal
104 A01 LLPCochran
104 A02 LLPCurran
104 A03 LLP Deckha
104 A04 LLPMcDorman
105 A01 ContractsNewcombe
105 A02 ContractsRamshaw
107 A01 PropertyHowellNotes by Selina
107 I A01 Transsystemic PropertyNapoleon
110 A01 T01 LRWRichards
110 A01 T02 LRWRichards
110 A02 T03 LRWBurdett
110 A02 T04 LRWBurdett
112 I LRW Transsystemic Enhancements

2018 Fall – Upper-year courses

301 AdminChanNotes by Stephanie

Notes by Holly
302 Crim IIFerguson
307B CivProSimmonsNotes by Laura
309 EvidenceLawrenceNotes by Holly
316 Secured TransactionsLoomerNotes by Amanda
317 Real PropertyMilward
318 RemediesAdjin-TetteyNotes by Holly
320 Wills and EstatesRiversNotes by Amanda
322 FamilyRamshaw
325 Access to JusticeMcHale
326A EmploymentRouth
326B LabourRouth
329 EnvironmentalTollefson
337 Dispute Resolution Sutherland
343 A01 Charter LitigationLatimer & Boies Parker
343 A03 PrivacyAlexander & TuckNotes by Amanda
343 A04 International CrimKiyaniNotes by Amanda
345 Taxation BryanNotes by Stephanie
346A Corporate TaxBryan
347 IPHowellNotes by Stephanie
356 A01 AdvocacyGwillim
356 A02 AdvocacyMunro
360 EthicsJensen
366 PatentsFerance & Gifford
370 Law in Southeast AsiaRamraj
377 International ArbitrationNewcombeNotes by Amanda